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As a family of former dairy farmers, we are well acquainted with the specific diet requirements of your cattle herd. We offer a broad range of feeds and supplements to suit your needs for dairy farms, beef cattle and calving. Trust our years of experience and commitment to quality to provide you with the very best feed for your herd.

Balanced nutrition for every stage of life

The nutritional requirements of cattle can vary quite widely through the course of their lives and we provide a variety of feed and feed products to supply your cattle with optimal nutrition for growth, reproduction, milking or general health.

Our range of cattle feed includes milk powder for calves, rations for all stages, as well as rock salt, buckets and custom cereal rations. We are proud to supply BOCM feeds as well as our own homegrown cereal blends.

Our range of cattle feeds includes:

  • Calf milk powder
  • Calf starter rations
  • Grower rations
  • Finishing rations
  • Molassed mineral buckets
  • Rock salt
  • Homegrown cereal
  • BOCM feeds

We offer a wide range of Animal Feeds to supply your entire farm, as well as Hay and Straw. Get in touch with us today to discuss your farm’s needs, or to place an order.

We know what feed your cattle need, at every stage of their lives. Call today:

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